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My work is focused in two primary areas: architectural/interior photography and branding/promotional video production. I believe that it’s important to blend craft with an infusion of poetics into my work. My photographs and videos are provocative, created with storytelling in mind, and executed with the meticulous detail of an artisan.

I provide photography and promotional videos to his sector that is fueled by a passion and appreciation of exquisite design and function. Through collaboration, I work with design professionals in crafting and producing photographs that reflect the vision and philosophy that they have infused into the design of the space. The images allow my clients to create marketing pieces that communicate to their potential clients an individual approach and style, thereby differentiating themselves from competitors.

My branding work allows me to blend creativity with astute business acumen. I’m strong in quickly analyzing the brand message and value proposition. From there, I employ storytelling video production and photography to develop and execute visual strategies that support brand messaging. I enjoy working with other branding professionals in co-authoring the end product. I may be hired as a Director in developing treatment and strategy, and/or as a Producer to execute a previously written and designed message. With exposure to a wide breadth of industries, I enjoy the research that comes with really "digging-in" to learn about an organization's methodology, philosophy and culture. Transforming that understanding into visual communication is what keeps me interested, motivated and challenged.

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