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Emilio Albertini Productions consists of creatives with astute business acumen. We quickly analyze the brand message and value proposition. From there, we employ photography and storytelling video production to develop and execute visual strategies that support brand messaging. We are collaborators, eager to work with branding professionals in co-authoring the end product. When necessary, we are just as comfortable working on our own to design and construct a visual campaign. With exposure to a wide breadth of industries, we continue to enjoy the research the comes with really "digging-in" to learn about an organization's methodology, philosophy and culture. Transforming that understanding into visual communication is what keeps us interested, motivated and challenged.




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      Azzuri – for love of country and sport

      June 7, 2014Comments are OFF

      In light of the upcoming World Cup, our friends at SerieALive.com asked us to collaborate in

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